mandag den 23. juli 2007

Wednesday Oct 25 - Southwards Along Kyushu's East Coast

Bebbu is known for its many baths and for its ‘Hells’, the latter being where places where steam bubbles up through sand or mud. All over town you can see steam pipes, so my lunch is of course of the naturally steamed variety as well (but didn’t taste particularly well). Anyway, first a warm batch in a wonderful old onsen, and then quick visits to The Bamboo Museum and to Hihokan Sex Museum, up the hill somewhere.

At the first one it is the incredible craftsmanship that really impress me, as well as what artists – especially contemporary ones - have managed to create with bamboo, so the superlatives usually reserved for mountain roads and such, also apply here. The next one was described in The Lonely Planet guide as one of Japan’s most surreal museums, but methinks it’ll take a lot more to make your average Scandinavian get visibly upset over an exhibition like this. Most of it is fairly serious stuff, with a lot of beautiful old erotica, mainly from Eastern and Far Eastern cultures. The more entertaining bits include stuffed version of various animals’ genitalia, amongst which both a male and a female whale are to be found. Best, worst and funniest is a very liberal interpretation of the old fairytale ‘Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs’, in a three-dimensional 1:1 scale version.

Going out of town I start with 60 kilometers of expressway, to avoid the cityscapes, then 70 k’s of lightly trafficked main road, another 50 k’s of two- to four lane city-hell road, and finally 15 k’s of toll road into the town of Myiazaki. There’s still a bit of light left, against which I can see the tall palm trees along this perfect stretch of asphalt. The warmth, the sight and even the smells reminds me of similar roads in California, ridden an eternity ago. Cheap business hotel, good food, English-language newspaper, ½ an hour of writing this, and I’m off to Dreamland.

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