søndag den 22. juli 2007

Tuesday Nov. 7 - Japanese Fine Cuisine

The last temple visit, this time the world’s largest wooden construction, some 76 meters tall. Good thing this one wasn’t burned down like so many other ones, during WW2 or in earlier wars. Then a yet another bicycle trip through town, where I can’t help but think they should make a Japanese version of ‘French Connection’ in these narrow streets. Even a bicycle chase would be downright exciting here. I also try to locate Kyoto’s only ‘rider house’, but it turns out to be closed for winter. Taro Café has room for me only one more night, so this may be a sign that I have to move on.

Takao, the other neighbour, is a cook apprentice in a restaurant nearby, and Jakob and I said we’d go there for dinner one night. Takao is an all-round nice guy and good company the nights we did the beer ceremony, and for once I want to eat an excellent meal without thinking about what it costs. And this is absolutely great; a long line of small delicate dishes, that the chef and his two underlings prepare in front of us for a couple of hours. Never mind the price, let’s just say it was the single most expensive thing I got in Japan, save for the laptop.

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