søndag den 22. juli 2007

Wednesday Nov. 8 - Kaikado Kustom & A Slight Fever

A couple of hours on crammed local roads, and some time on a toll road, 150 clicks in all, and I enter the town of Nagoya. Here are the chopper shop Kaikado Kustom, the hot rod shop Paradise Road and the Toyota Car Museum. I’m getting colder and colder as I ride over the mountains, so only the image of me sitting in a hot ‘onsen’ keeps me going. That is, however, not to happen.

I’ve emailed a bit with Kaikado, and am expected as I show up late in the afternoon. It’s a large workshop, in the sense that I can see part of the floor and the walls, despite all the bikes and parts around the owner’s ´28 Ford A hotrod project. The place has style, and after talking a bit to owner Masao and admired his latest creation – a Rikuo-framed 45” WLA – he and his wife Hana (finally a name I don’t have to write down to remember) invite me to stay for the night. In return I invite them out for dinner, with the aid of her laptop’s translator program. I rally hope those translations are as entertaining for them, as they are for me.

Turns out Masao and I share a number of interests: aside from motorcycles and hotrods, also planes, weapons and psychobilly music. The man is into fishing as well, and asks if I like to do that. “Don’t know”, I reply, “but I’d certainly like to try it one day. With dynamite”.

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ross lane sagde ...

nice picture of your Nimbus on the Chopper Shop wall!! Hehehe!