mandag den 23. juli 2007

Friday & Saturday, Oct. 6 & 7 - Crazy Pete And Red Tape

Friday there’s a rainstorm, so when they call from the airport to tell the motorcycle is still not here, I’m almost relieved. But it will be there tomorrow, and customs clearance should be no problem, they say. Saturday arrives along with sunshine and high temperatures, so I take the subway and a suspended monorail to Chiba, where Crazy Pete has his Indian motorcycle workshop. Outside there’s a stack of clapped-out old Japanese scooters, and inside there’s real gold: 1920’s and 1930’s Indians and Harleys, plus an enormous collection of old helmets, pictures etc. etc. Which is very typical for people like us, who are blessed/cursed with this special instinct for gathering old stuff. ‘One man’s junk is another man’s treasure’ as a sign somewhere in there says.

In Pete’s old Chevy pickup we head for Narita airport, only to learn 1½ hours later that I STILL can’t get the bike out. An essential stamp, only available in Central Tokyo on Tuesday, is needed. I quietly recite to myself all the nastiest Danish curses I know, but keep a straight face, as one does here. Later the good company of Pete and his American wife compensates for this setback, as does the dinner at a sushi restaurant, where all the dishes move about on an endless conveyor belt. Pick as many as you can eat, and when done the waitresses count the plates and charge 100 yen apiece. Nice, but it may take a little while longer before I really learn to appreciate sushi.

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