mandag den 23. juli 2007

Tuesday Oct. 17 - North To The Sea Of Japan

I leave the coast again, ride over mountain passes and along rivers until seven in the evening. It a truly wonderful landscape here, in particular the gorges, and any attempt to take pictures of it will do the actual sight very little justice. Attempting a shortcut I find a fantastic mountain road, some of it so winding and step that it has to be taken in second and first gear. Engine braking downhill in first gear is new for me, but still fun. At places the road is about two meters wide, so here in the twilight I’m happy about my halogen bulb up front.

I intended to find a campsite along this stretch, but having missed it, I check into an ugly ‘ryokan’ – business hotel – along the freeway. Have to change my sleeping pattern, or get better at spotting those elusive campsites. A ‘Lawson Station’ – a store like a 7-11 – provides cheap dinner, and I see ‘Haägens-Dasz’ ice cream in two new varieties: Green Tea and Black Sesame. I’m worn out, but happy with today’s distance.

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