søndag den 22. juli 2007

Friday Nov. 10 - The Bicyclist And The Car Wreck

It’ll be a quiet day. I’m still under the weather, and least of all do I want to enter the vehicular warfare game on Hwy. 1 today, the Road From Hell I used when leaving Tokyo some weeks ago. Three hours there would take me to Hamamatsu, Yamaha’s home town. On the expressway it’ll take 1½ hours, but instead I plot a potentially much nicer ride on a mountain route going a bit north. I need to scrape the footpegs again, and I want my traditional lunch of ‘Calorie Mate’ sticks and hot apple juice from a vending machine, somewhere up on a mountain pass. One hour on a regular road gets me to where the Paradise-like roads starts, and this continues for another 4-5 hours. I get lost a few times, but using the sun for navigation I still end up more or less where I am supposed to end up.

Somewhere along there I meet my first long distance bicyclist, and noticing that he’s a Westerner, I stop for a chat. We exchange our Japan experiences, and what he says about Japanese car drivers would cause the paper to catch fire, should I ever write it down with a pencil. Still I’m pretty impressed with the way they drive – even Japanese motorcyclists reckon car drivers are fine – but less than an hour later a small truck going in the opposite direction runs of the road right next to me. At a distance it looks very bad, and close-up probably a lot worse, so I trust that the other people running towards the wreck will handle the situation.

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ross lane sagde ...

Stupidity IS a handicap! That's why they have to have signs that say "This sign has sharp edges."!